Urban farming, urban gardening, urban agriculture, city garden, – this wonderful movement has many names

SLOW offers knowledge and advice about urban farming to many companies, organizations, NGOs, public institutions and ordinary citizens involved in greening the city. This information is necessary for initiatives working with the issues of biodiversity, food systems, climate adaptation, urban improvement, and building social communities. SLOW offers practical hands on workshops and professional presentations and lectures, or a combination of both – always carefully adapted to the specific context. See current examples below.

  • Why Urban Farming? – introduction to the movement
  • Free seeds – the future of food 
  • Grow your backyard – community and connection
  • A kitchen garden in the city køkkenhave i byen – get started!
  • Grow in your city – private consulting and planning of your garden in the city
  • Insects and biodiversity in the city (for children)

SLOW also facilitates full days – where content, catering, entertainment, etc, are adapted to meet specific needs- see more under SLOW LIVING DAY

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