This workshop is for those who want to capture garden scents and flavors in a bottle for seasoning your food with wonderful flavors year round. Do you want to bring extra flavor and color into your winter kitchen? Learn to make garden herb essences and give your kitchen extra life and creativity!

Essences can be subtle, sweet, sour, sharp, strong, spicy tastes and scents. They are beautifully decorated, herbal colored salts or golden syrups, transformed from the garden to the kitchen table!

At the workshop, we will review how to use the garden’s harvest and gather supplies for the long winter, capturing the essences of the wonderful world.

All participants compose their own vinegar in beautiful glass bottles from the Museum garden’s herbs and flowers, and we provide the seeds and spices.

Alternatively, if you would rather have a ‘Essence’ workshop with your colleagues and friends:  The workshop can always organized as a course at the point you want it to take place. Price and time to be specified for the event and offered at least 5 people. Contact us at