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Kokedama –  Learn how to make the little hanging garden

Kokedama means moss ball and is a technique from Japanese gardening tradition.

The moss, soil, and plant are woven together to form a hanging garden and can be maintained for a long time with minimal care and water.

Workshop includes

All the necessary materials (plant, moss, soil, yarn, and tools).
An demonstration of how to form and hang the moss ball.
Instructions for making your own kokedama and caring for it.
Everyone takes a kokedama home and can make as many as desired by buying a plant.


Alternatively, if you would rather hold a kokedama workshop with colleagues or at a big event: A kokedama workshop can be arranged as a “drop by” workshop (e.g. trade fairs and cultural events) or as a time-limited workshop (e.g. creative meetings and events). Kokedama workshops can be held for between 10 and 250 participants. Contacts us at hello@slowlivingworkshops.com to get more information about price and time.